3 Reasons You Should Consider HVAC Training


Whether you are just beginning to think about college or need a career change, applied fields are highly in demand. One of these applied fields is heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). There are many benefits to attending a program for HVAC over a traditional college program.

1. Future Job Demand



One of the many frustrations for some college graduates is they may face difficulties finding a job after college. This can mean you spend several years pursuing a degree only to end up knee-deep in college debt and unemployed. Although no one can guarantee you a job after finishing any program, many people are choosing applied programs in fields that are often in-demand. 



Most residences and businesses have an HVAC system, and there will always be people who want a new installation or need repairs. Another advantage of HVAC training is the programs are typically shorter than most college degree programs. This means you can go out into the workforce quicker, which can be critical if you have recently been laid-off and need a full-time income.



2. Realistic Training



Learning about HVAC systems and how they work can be fun because you are not stuck learning about them from a textbook. You have the opportunity to apply your in-class learning by working with your hands. Many people find they understand different skills and theories better when they can see them in action. Some programs incorporate realistic environments in their training, such as labs that mimic the residential environment. 



Working with HVAC systems can require lying on the floor or squeezing into tight spaces. Having a realistic, simulated environment can help with understanding any physical challenges that come with the job. Some HVAC programs may offer paid training, which further adds to the incentive. It can be easier to take the leap of faith and try a different field if you continue to have a steady income while learning.



3. Expanded Opportunities



Depending on the program you choose, there may be additional educational and employment opportunities. Some programs include refrigeration with their HVAC certification. With the extra knowledge, you might find opportunities with major retailers who sell kitchen appliances and offer installation and maintenance. Another option you might consider is programs that prepare you for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification. 



The EPA offers numerous certification options that may increase your chances of employment or help if you want to start your own business. To legally handle certain types of coolant that are used in air conditioning, you need to be certified. Depending on your locality, certain licenses and certifications might be required or encouraged to operate legally.



When you are unsure of your career path, consider opportunities that have longevity in the job market. HVAC training is an ideal opportunity for applied learning that can lead to employment faster than traditional college programs.




31 March 2021

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