Pursuing A Career In HVAC Maintenance And Repair


Heating and ventilation systems can be vital for the comfort of modern buildings. As a result, there is usually a healthy demand for professionals with the qualifications and experience needed to work on these systems. However, misinformation about HVAC career fields can lead prospective workers away from this potential option.

Myth: There Are No Training Requirements For HVAC Maintenance And Repair Work

One assumption that is often held about HVAC careers is that there will be little to no training required for a person to take this type of job. In reality, there are fairly extensive training requirements. For example, an individual will need to be trained in the safe handling of refrigerants and other potentially harmful chemicals. This type of safety training will be in addition to the mechanical training needed to be able to repair and service these complex systems. Luckily, these HVAC maintenance training programs often offer flexible class times and online options to make it easier for individuals to enter this career.

Myth: Repairing HVAC Systems Is The Only Type Of Work That You Can Expect To Do

Some people may be worried that entering this type of job will limit them to only repairing malfunctioning air conditioning systems. However, these professionals can offer a range of services and support to their clients. For example, it is common for these professionals to provide assistance with every aspect of HVAC systems. This can range from routine maintenance to comprehensive system design and installations. Additionally, individuals will have the option of choosing to specialize working on residential or commercial systems. While these HVAC systems will operate in much the same way, the differences in size and power can make commercial systems far more complex.

Myth: Every HVAC Training Program Offers Job Placement Services

Due to the healthy demand for HVAC professionals, it is common for training programs to offer their students job placement services. These services can help individuals to land their first job so that they can gain the experience needed to qualify for higher paying and more advanced positions. Unfortunately, individuals that assume all of these programs provide job placement services can find themselves disappointed with the program they choose. If you want to take advantage of job placement programs, you will want to review each potential training program for the one that can provide the most comprehensive placement services. This additional research can help you to find the program that will make your transition into this career field as smooth as possible.


20 April 2019

Enjoying Trade School

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